Get help from someone who gets you.

Finding personalized mental health support is tricky and expensive. With Fello, talk to peers who are vetted and trained, experienced in your struggles, and cost 50% less than traditional therapy.

You know
that feeling when...

You’re dealing with a big challenge, things are spiraling, and you don’t have someone to turn to who gets it?

That sucks, and you should never suffer alone.

Our peer-to-peer model empowers impactful connections through shared life experiences.

Fello is for real. Don’t take it from us though.

Adam P.

"I've tried traditional therapy, meditation, and lots of other tools. I've seen more progress in one session on Fello than everything else combined." 

Stephani W.

"I remember struggling early on as a mother. I love that Fello gives me a chance to share my experience and make the journey easier for others."

Paul B.

"I've been able to learn from someone who's overcome the same issues and is much further down the path. I've experienced huge growth all thanks to Fello."

Amy K.

"Becoming a Fello has been incredibly rewarding—I get to share my experiences and make a real difference in people's lives."

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You deserve something different.

Traditional Therapy
Internet Rabbit Holes
“You don’t cost my life savings.”
“You can video call.”
“You have time to see me this week.”
“You’ve been through this.”


What is Fello?

Simply put, Fello connects you with people who've been there. Fello is a community where you get affordable, practical guidance from someone who has shared life experience and has successfully overcome challenges you are facing.

How much does it cost?

A 30-minute video check-in with someone who's been in your shoes is just $40.

What types of lived experience support does Fello offer?

You can get support from people who have gone through alcohol use, drug use, parenting, and relationship challenges. Here are some example challenges in each category:

-Alcohol or Drug Use: reducing consumption or getting sober

-Parenting: infertility, pregnancy, adoption, postpartum, special needs child, child with serious illness, single parenting, divorced parenting, and various infant-, toddler-, young child-, and teen-specific issues

-Relationships: communication, appreciation, or financial issues, bad breakup, divorce, infidelity, re-entering dating, widow/widower, loneliness, and more

Who are Fellos? Are they trained?

A Fello is someone sharing their specific lived experience to help others who are going through a similar situation. Fellos help you get through what you're going through. All Fellos receive training in meeting Finders' needs, active listening, effective support methods and crisis management, and must pass an assessment before offering check-ins.